How to Become a Rice’s Market Vendor

How to Rent a Table

Pricing for Daily Vendors:

  • New Merchandise $30/space
  • Used Merchandise $20/2 spaces
  • Most spaces are 8′ x 15′ ft; we do have some spaces which are 10′x15′ ft
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Pricing for Monthly Vendors:

  • Tuesdays $100/space
  • Saturdays $100/space
  • Want a space on both Market days?
    Cost is $180 for one space on Tuesday & Saturday



Please click here for Rice’s ‘How to Rent a Table’ pdf download


Daily Vendors

Please arrive at the Market no later than 6:30am. The office opens at 6:00am on both Tuesdays and Saturdays. A Rice’s staff member will assign you a space for the day. NO EARLY RESERVATIONS ALLOWED FOR DAILY VENDORS. With the purchase of one space, you are provided with one table. You may bring additional tables to fit within your space to accommodate your merchandise. You may also bring a pop-up tent/canopy – however, it MUST fit within your space. All tents must be accompanied with liability insurance coverage. Should anyone get hurt by your tent (customers and/or vendors), it is the merchants responsibility; Rice’s Market is not held liable. You may park your car behind your space; be conscious of your neighbors. **Please note – any space that is open after 7am is considered to be unoccupied – you may set up in these spaces as long as you are 5 spaces away from another vendor selling the same merchandise. We will ask you to relocate should you fail to abide by our rules.

Monthly Vendors

Spaces can be reserved on a monthly basis. An office staff member can print out a list of availability to assist in your placement in the market. Once a location is chosen, this will be your permanent space; allow repeat customers to locate you easily. Monthly rent is due the last week of the prior month. If payments are made after, you will forfeit your space. **Please note that YOU MUST be in your space by 7am. After this time, other vendors may claim your space. You may set up somewhere else for that day. Monthly vendors have many options to advertise with Rice’s Market. The introduction of our new website has allowed us to create a Featured Merchant page. Here we will give history, location in the market, and information about the products sold by this particular vendor. We can also add images to entice potential customers. We can also advertise you on our Facebook page as well as Twitter to create more buzz and awareness to the website. Lastly, Rice’s Market has the capability to send mass emails out to a list of over 6,000 customers. We can send an email out on your behalf, offering information on you and your product as well as providing some type of coupon/discount. Please email for more information on how to become a monthly vendor and advertise!


You will find hundreds of vendors at Rice's Market every week.
At some markets, you might say, "You never know what you'll find". At Rice's, you will say, "I can find everything I want!"


Becoming a Rice's Market vendor is easy as one, two, three. Whether you are a new, old, or quirky business we want you in our marketplace. To learn just how easy it is, please click here.

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