Vendor Rental Information & Rules

rent-2What CANNOT be sold at Rice’s Market…

  • Any food intended to be eaten at the market. All food must be prepackaged. If food handling is needed, it must be approved by the Bucks County Department of Health
  • Drinks of ANY kind
  • Counterfeit merchandise
  • Dogs/Puppies
  • Obscene material not suitable for an ALL ages friendly environment

PIctures for Advertising 065Monthly vendors

You must be in your space before 7am on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If you arrive late, your space becomes open to other monthly vendors and daily vendors. Your neighbors may NOT save your space unless someone from the office gives them permission to do so. If you are late, you may choose another space which is unoccupied for the day. Daily vendors: Please arrive at the office no later than 6:30 am so we may assign you a space. If you arrive after 7am, all unoccupied space becomes available. However, please set up 5 spaces away from someone selling the same merchandise as you.

Rent & Fees

Daily rent is $30 per 8″x15″ space for new merchandise, or $20 for two spaces for used merchandise. Monthly rent is due the 3rd week of the prior month. Rent NOT paid by the end of the day on the last market day of the month will incur a $25 late fee. **Please note that there is $25 free for returned


Each vendor is given ONE table per space. You may bring additional tables of your own, but they MUST fit within the space allotted. You may NOT move tables from other areas of the market or from neighbors who are not using them – this is considered another space and you WILL be charged accordingly.

Other Reminders

Please keep your receipt handy and with you for each market!If you will not be in your space you may NOT sublet your space to someone else. If you will not be present the market but will have someone in your space selling your merchandise for you, please let the office know. Please clean up after yourself – excessive trash will be charged a fine. Be courteous to shoppers – if you have a problem don’t get into an argument, come to the office and we will resolve the issue! Vendors are required to give store credit or exchange of merchandise. Keep merchandise out of walkways!

We do the best we can to cooperate with everyone attending the market. Please return the same courtesy by abiding by this small list of requests. If you have any questions or suggestions, please bring them to our attention.

Please click here for Rice’s ‘Rules & Regulations’ pdf download


You will find hundreds of vendors at Rice's Market every week.
At some markets, you might say, "You never know what you'll find". At Rice's, you will say, "I can find everything I want!"


Becoming a Rice's Market vendor is easy as one, two, three. Whether you are a new, old, or quirky business we want you in our marketplace. To learn just how easy it is, please click here.

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